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What Are the Most Common Trucking Accident Injuries?
What Are the Most Common Trucking Accident Injuries?

Trucking accidents are many drivers’ worst fear come true. While trucking accidents are less common than a traditional auto accident, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s statistics show the true damage these accidents cause. With a fully loaded semi-truck ...

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  • Attorney Answers: Common Questions Following a Trucking Accident

    If you’ve been involved in a trucking accident, you will likely have some questions that need answering. Trucking accidents are vastly different from ...

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  • Four Common Causes of Distracted Driving

    Being able to text, respond to emails, eat that tasty breakfast, or chat with passengers while driving without having to worry about the road may seem ...

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  • Common Trucking Accident Causes

    Some of the most catastrophic accidents seen on the roads today are caused by large commercial trucks. A study was done by the Federal Motor Carrier ...

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  • Commercial Trucker Sleep Issues: Truck Driver Fatigue

    For those in the trucking industry, it’s very common to see countless hours go by without much-needed sleep, something which is known as driver ...

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  • Is America’s Trucker Shortage Affecting Roadway Safety?

    When we see semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, and big rig trucks, we often think to ourselves, “These things are everywhere! Get out of the way, you’re taking ...

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  • Handling a Parking Lot Car Accident

    Handling a Parking Lot Car Accident For many of us, our first experience with a car accident may be associated with a parking lot. After all, there ...

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  • How Do I Prove Injuries From a Car Accident?

    After you're involved in a car accident , you'll want to take the right steps to ensure that your case goes according to plan, which is particularly ...

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  • Tips for Driving in Unfamiliar Places

    It can be nerve-wracking to drive in a place you aren’t familiar with. You may be worried about things like getting lost, breaking down in an unknown ...

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  • The Proper Steps to Take Following a Car Accident

    Being involved in a car accident can make for a confusing time as you attempt to make sure that everyone is okay and that you understand how the ...

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